Products: Academy-Connect.

Academy-Connect is the only FREE comprehensive next-generation Student Information System/School Management System. Whether you're a private school, an independent charter school, a school district or diocese, or a county that needs to manage hundreds of schools in multiple school districts, Academy-Connect can manage all of your information from a single application. Manage attendance, classes, assignments, grades, scheduling, transcripts, fees/tuition, state reporting and much, much more from a secure single-sign on, no download required, web application available from virtually anywhere on virtually any device. Also includes a student/parent portal so you can reach out and interact with parents and students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, easily and securely. 

No Risk/No Brainer

Stop spending thousands on that antiquated Student Information System, or that patch-work of applications that you've been putting up with for too long, with Academy-Connect you can do it all for FREE! And since there's no investment, and no commitment on your part, it's also RISK FREE.

All the Features Your School Needs

(at a price that won't break your budget)

For Students:

  • Secure Student login
  • View classes
  • View class history
  • View grades for current and prior terms
  • View current and cumulative GPA
  • View assignments
  • View/download assignment documents
  • View news
  • Chat live with other students or teachers
  • Email teachers
  • Campus map(s) allow students to view the location of their classes on a map

For Parents:

  • Secure Parent login
  • View attendance in a calendar or text view
  • View grades for current and prior terms
  • View current and cumulative GPA
  • View school contact information
  • View news
  • View fee/tuition statements
  • Make on-line payments
  • Chat live with other parent or teachers
  • Email school administrators/teachers

For Teachers:

  • Secure Teacher login
  • On-line Class schedule
  • State-of-the-art gradebook
  • Update attendance/grades/assignments from any internet connected PC
  • Chat live with students or other teachers and administrators
  • View News
  • Customizable menus

For Administrators:

  • Administrator login
  • Complete management of students, parents, teachers, staff, child care providers, and others
  • Record add/update/delete auditing
  • User customizable settings
  • User defined codes
  • User defined fields
  • Custom user views
  • Universal Defaults™
  • Multiple format data Import/Export utilities
  • Program management
  • Special Education
  • Medical Information
    • Medication at school
    • Vaccinations
    • Screenings
    • Office Visits
    • Physicals
  • Interventions
  • Fully integrated financials
    • Statements
    • Billing
    • Fees
    • Integrated online payments
    • 1098 Reporting
  • Store extended student information
  • Hundreds of pre-built reports and printable views
  • Chat live with teachers
  • Disseminate important information through home page news items
  • Store extended information about students and parents including:
    1. Contact information
    2. Emergency contacts
    3. Medical/dental providers
    4. Child care providers
    5. Medication and allergies
    6. Insurance information
    7. Authorized pick up persons

  • emergency card information
  • Campus map(s).  With campus maps students see exactly where their classes are on a map.  Lost students who can't find their classes?  Not with Academy-Connect!


  • Next generation - designed from the ground up for mobility
  • The most flexible Student Information System on the market
  • Supports most browsers
  • Support for mobile devices.  Responsive design makes using the site with your smart phone a breeze.  Don't even think about having to scroll horizontally, or pinch and zoom!  When you access Academy-Connect with your smart phone you get views designed just for smart phones.

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