Better Software Solutions is a California based company that specializes in complex web-based business application development. With over 25 years experience designing and developing large, complex, mission-critical applications for government and private industry, we have the expertise to handle your entire project without having to outsource to third parties.

Registered Microsoft Partner

As a registered Microsoft Partner, you can be confident that we have the expertise to deliver the quality you expect, and be completely confident that you've partnered with a local company you can trust.

With many certifications under our belts, such as

we have the technical expertise to satisfy even the most demanding technical requirements. You can rest assured that we have the technical "know how" to produce top-notch results, and complete your project in a timely manner.

Certified Excellence

Our staff have many Microsoft certifications, such as Microsoft Certified Professional Developer | Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist | Microsoft Certified Professional, so you can rest assured that we have the expertise to develope your product no matter how complex. If it can be done, we can do it.

Case Studies

For descriptions of the many applications that we have developed, or contributed development work to, click here.

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