React Turbo Scaffolding Visual Studio Extension v3

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ReactTS/ReactTurbo3-splash128.png React TS3 Lite Visual Studio Ext. - React scaffolding engine for ASP.Net Core - 1 license $89.00 +Cart
React TS3 Visual Studio Ext. - React scaffolding engine for ASP.Net Core - 1 license $299.00 +Cart
React TS3 Visual Studio Ext. - React scaffolding engine for ASP.Net Core - 3 licenses $599.00 +Cart
React TS3 Visual Studio Ext. - React scaffolding engine for ASP.Net Core - 10 licenses $1,199.00 +Cart
Free support included (details) System Reqs.

React Scaffolding Engine for Asp.Net Core 2.1

Note: This version requires ASP.NET Core 2.1. It is incompatible with ASP.NET Core 2.0 and 1.x. For a version of React Turbo Scaffolding Visual Studio Extension that is compatible with ASP.NET Core 2.0 click here.

React Turbo Scaffolding Visual Studio Extension v3 is the only ASP.Net Core 2.1 scaffolding engine for React ™ Single Page Applications. It supports multiple database engines and features full CRUD implementation using a high performance 100% React Component architecture, without Redux or JQuery, using pure JSON and AJAX in a familiar Visual Studio project.

The extension is fully integrated with Visual Studio and includes both Project and Item Templates, which allow you to scaffold your entire new project from a model or database schema with a single button click, or generate (and re-generate) React components for an existing project. How's that for shortening your development cycle?

Available in two editions: React TS and React TS Lite. So whether you're a single developer looking to stay competitive, or a corporate IT department looking to improve developer productivity, there's a cost-effective edition for you. Click here for a feature-by-feature comparison of both products.

React 16 BUILT-IN

React 16 is blazing fast - three times faster than React 15. And with React Turbo Scaffolding 3, React 16 is built-in and blazing speed is just one reason you want to be using it. Other improvements in React 16 include: New fragments and strings render return types; Better error handling; Portals; Better server-side rendering; Support for custom DOM attributes; Reduced file size and more.

For more information on React 16 visit this page.

Compatible with Create React App (CRA)

React Turbo Scaffolding 3 is compatible with Create React App (CRA), as well as create-react-app-ts if you prefer to use TypeScript, so you don't have to waste time with a lot of manual processes and can get off to a running start. If think CRA is awesome, then React Turbo Scaffolding is just the tool to take you to the next level.

TypeScript is now optional

React and TypeScript work great together, but if you would rather code using traditional Javascript, React Turbo Scaffolding 3 makes it possible for you to use either one - you decide on a project-by-project basis. Have a legacy project that uses Javascript - no problem. Want to leverage the power of TypeScript for a new project - no problem. TypeScript or Javascript - it's your choice.

Asp.Net Core 2.1

React Turbo Scaffolding 3 uses the latest and greatest version of Asp.Net Core - Microsoft's cross-platform development framework. With version 2.1 comes many improvements and features: improved Https support, improved Identity services, new SPA templates, integrated test improvements, and more.


Built-in AJAX form validation ensures all of your form data is correct before it is saved.

Full CRUD Implementation

Full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) AJAX implementation is built-in to allow users to perform anything they need to do with the data.

Built-in Paging

Built-in robust AJAX paging includes go-to-page, show-rows, and automatic filtering: just one feature that makes React TS highly interactive. Say goodbye to messy page posts to page your data and hello to happy users who just may think the app is installed locally.

Built-in Sorting

Built-in AJAX sorting is another feature that makes React TS highly interactive.

Master-Detail Views

Automatically generates Master-Detail views for many-to-many relationships using high performance React components.

React Turbo Scaffolding Sonata
Data Validation
Mobile Views
Why React Turbo Scaffolding?
React TS DotNet CLI

Still not Convinced?

React Downloads vs Competitors
figure 1.

React is the Single Page Application component architecture that has been embraced by tens of thousands of developers because it beats the pants off the competition. We believe these compelling numbers speak for themselves.

React Turbo Scaffolding is a scaffolding engine that was designed to turbo-charge React Application development for ASP.Net developers. By automating the creation of high performance React components with full CRUD support, built-in paging, sorting and more, it can cut development time by weeks, even months.

100% React / ASP.NET Core

  • 100% React frontend
  • 100% ASP.Net Core backend
  • No Redux needed
  • No JQuery needed
  • TypeScript type safety
  • Supports Entity Framework model attributes

High Performance Design

  • High performance React Components
  • 100% AJAX interaction
  • 100% JSON
  • Leverage your backend
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle MySQL
  • DocumentDB/CosmosDB

Fully Automated

  • Fully automated
  • Single button execution
  • Creates entire application from model(s)
  • Replaces manual coding
  • Saves weeks of development

Full CRUD Support

  • Full CRUD support
    • Create
    • Read
    • Update
    • Delete
  • Built in Form Validation

Fully Interactive SPA

  • Fully Interactive Single Page Application
  • Built in Sorting
  • Built in Paging
  • Built in Filtering
  • Enhanced Mobile Views


  • Flexible design
  • Many options
  • Customizable Templates


  • Built-in support for OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
    • Claims-based
    • Supports roles

Tech Support Included1

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Access to Knownledge Base
  • How-Tos / FAQs

1 Free technical support is limited to the first 90 days. * React TS features shown; see edition comparison page for features not in Lite edition. ** 'Just the Software' does not include Free Technical Support. 2 Requires OIDC compliant Identity Server such as BSS IdentityServer4.

Free Technical Support

  • Free Email support
  • Free Phone support

Free support is limited to the first 90 days from product purchase date. Typical response time is one business day for Email support. Phone support is "as available" and may involve a call back.

** Excludes software labeled as 'Just the Software'
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