React Super Pager

Description Amount / Disc.
React-super-pager128.png React Super Pager - 1 License $24.99
React Super Pager - 3 Licenses $49.99 +Cart
React Super Pager - 10 Licenses $99.99 +Cart
Free support included (details) System Reqs.

React Super Pager for Asp.Net Core

React is the high-performance component revolution that's taken web application development by storm, and React Super Pager is the JSX React Component that super-charges paging in your ASP.Net React Application.

With React Super Pager paging is just the beginning. Includes CSS styleable buttons for First, Last, Previous, Next; Page N of N display, a Go-To box that allows users to navigate directly to a specific page, selectable number of rows to display, and dynamic client-side filtering on all or any fields.

Don't let scope-creep put you on a path to continually adding more features to your ASP.NET applications. And don't reinvent the wheel. Give your users all the paging power they'll ever need, before they ask for it with React Super Pager.

Direct Go-to Page Navigation

As well as First, Previous, Next, and Last buttons, Go-to box allows users to navigate directly to a specific page.

Responsive Design

Support for Responsive Design and easy CSS styling allows you to support most every device.

Dynamic "Show Rows"

Built-in dynamic "Show Rows" allows users to select the number of rows that works best for their device or view.

Optionally also shows the total record count.

Built-in Filtering

Highly interactive, dynamic filtering allows users to easily sift through large amounts of data, either using client-side filtering or AJAX-JSON requests.

Easily Styled

Easily styled using CSS. Several built-in themes are included.

Still not Convinced?

100% React / ASP.NET Core

  • 100% React JSX Component
  • 100% ASP.Net Core
  • No Redux
  • No JQuery
  • TypeScript type safety

High Performance Design

  • High performance React Component
  • 100% AJAX
  • 100% JSON
  • Microsoft SQL Server compatible
  • Oracle MySQL compatible
  • NoSQL DocumentDb/CosmosDb

Highly Interactive

  • Designed for Single Page Applications
  • Built in Paging with Goto
  • Built in Filtering
  • Built in 'Show Rows'
  • Built in Total Rows


  • Flexible design
  • Many options
  • Customizable

Tech Support Included1

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Access to Knownledge Base
  • How-Tos / FAQs

Cost Effective

  • Cost Effective
  • Saves costly development time
  • No need to re-invent the wheel

1 Free technical support is limited to the first 30 days. ** 'Just the Software' does not include Free Technical Support.

Free Technical Support

  • Free Email support

Free support is limited to the first 30 days from product purchase date. Typical response time is one business day for Email support.

** Excludes software labeled as 'Just the Software'.
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