React Rapid Application Development

What you need to know about Single Page Applications and React Development

Single Page Application development is all the rage, and React is the high-performance component revolution that's taken web Single Page Application development by storm. At Better Software Soltuions we specialize in Rapid Application Development of high-performance React Single Page Applications on ASP.Net Core. So whether you're running Windows Servers, Linux Servers, or using NoSQL in the cloud, a high-performance React SPA will run great on it.

With over 25 years experience developing data-driven applications for a miriad of environments and industries, we have turned React Rapid Application Development into a science, which allows us to quickly churn out high-quality, high-performance applications for demanding customers. We put other software development houses to shame by taking your complex data-driven application from CONCEPT to DONE in days, typically just 1 to 2 days, compared to long drawn-out methods other developers use.

Universal Connectivity

We support most popular storage methods, so whether you prefer to run your own Microsoft SQL Server(s), Oracle MySQL server(s), or would rather not have any server and opt for a NoSQL solution like Azure DocumentDB, or something altogether different we can accomodate you.

Responsive Design

Not only are our React Web Applications highly interactive (riveling native applications), built-in Responsive Design allows you to support most every device - from PC to Tablet to Smartphone.


Built-in rock-solid AJAX form validation ensures all of your form data is correct BEFORE it is saved - No garbage in and only perfectly accurate data out!

Full CRUD Implementation

Full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) AJAX implementation is built-in to allow users to perform anything they need to do with the data.

Built-in Paging

Built-in robust AJAX paging includes go-to-page, show-rows, and filtering across all fields: just one feature that makes React TS highly interactive. Say goodbye to messy page posts to page your data and hello to happy users who just may think the app is installed locally.

Built-in Sorting

Built-in AJAX sorting (in both directions) is another feature that makes React TS highly interactive.

Complex Views are Not a Problem

Have master-detail and other complex views? No problem? No matter how complex your system requirements are, we can model all of your complex views using high performance React components.

React Turbo Scaffolding Sonata
Data Validation
Mobile Views
Why React Turbo Scaffolding?
React TS DotNet CLI

Still not Convinced?

Don't be fooled. React is the only Single Page Application component architecture that has been embraced by tens of thousands of developers. See figure 1 below for a comparison of React downloads to other competitors. We believe the numbers speak for themselves.

React Downloads vs Competitors
figure 1.

At Better Software Solutions we've perfected React Rapid Application Development, and can take your React application from CONCEPT to DONE almost immediately. We fly through the development phase, where other software development shops crawl, ultimately saving you significant amounts of time (and money) and keeping your project on, or ahead, of schedule. Whether you have a complete project spec or just a concept, one of our highly experienced software analysts will be happy to show you how fast we can bring it to fruition. And if you're already behind schedule and need your project done yesterday, you've come to the right place.

100% React / ASP.NET Core

  • 100% React frontend
  • 100% ASP.Net Core backend
  • No Redux needed
  • No JQuery needed
  • TypeScript type safety

High Performance Design

  • High performance React Components
  • 100% AJAX interaction
  • 100% JSON
  • Supported Databases:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle MySQL
    • Azure DocumentDB/CosmosDB

Full CRUD Support

  • Full CRUD support
    • Create
    • Read
    • Update
    • Delete
  • Built in Form Validation

Fully Interactive SPA

  • Fully Interactive Single Page Application
  • Built in Sorting
  • Built in Paging
  • Built in Filtering
  • Enhanced Mobile Views


  • Flexible design
  • Many options
  • Customizable Templates

Tech Support Included1

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Access to Knownledge Base
  • How-Tos / FAQs

Contact Us

Telephone: 559.272.1376
Customer Support:
Technical Support:

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