React Turbo Scaffolding Feature Comparison

IDE Version Comparion

IDE Version
Feature ReactTS VS Extension ReactTS DotNet CLI ReactTS .Exe
Visual Studio Integration
Visual Studio Code Integration
Localized UI2
Localizable Output2
Most Flexible

Edition Comparison (v2.6)

Feature ReactTS Lite ReactTS
High Performance React Scaffolding
Streamlined GUI Interface
No scripting required
High performance 100% React.js components
100% AJAX and JSON
Full CRUD implementation
(Create, Read, Update, Delete)
React.js on ASP.NET Core
Scaffolds single model
Localized UI3
Localizable Output3
Scaffolds entire application at once
Exclude models from scaffolding
Model Lookups
Scaffold from Models
Local MSSQL DB(SQL Express)
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle MySQL Database
NoSQL Microsoft Azure DocumentDb/CosmosDb
Scaffold from Database
Local MSSQL DB(SQL Express)
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle MySQL Database
NoSQL Microsoft Azure DocumentDb/CosmosDb
Comprehensive Scaffolding
Generates Views
Generates Routing
Generates Navigation
Generates Controllers
Generates Client Models
Generates Server Models
Generates DB Context
Runable from DB schema
Multiple View Templates
Master-Detail Views
Robust Implementation
Built-in Validation
Responsive Design
Built-in Sorting
Built-in Paging with Go-to
Super Pager™ included
Built-in Filtering
Built-in 'Show Rows' Dropdown
Enhanced Mobile Views
New Project Wizard
Optional separate API
Custom Templates
Rename Model / Table
OIDC Authentication
OIDC Authorization
Supports roles
Low-maintenance Architecture
Low-maintenance 3-View Architecture
Third Party Frameworks Not Needed
100% React on ASP.NET Core
No Redux Needed
No JQuery Needed
Cost Effective
Improves productivity
Saves weeks of development time
Low Cost
Multi-license Savings
Many options
Customizable Templates

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This page is for comparison purposes only. Actual features may change without notice.
2 UI available in English and Spanish. Output is localizable to any language with built-in translations for English and Spanish.
3 Localization is not available for VS Extension and VS Code CLI.
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