React Training for ASP.NET Developers Requirements

Overview / Prerequisites

React Training for ASP.NET Developers is intended for experienced ASP.NET developers without any React experience. Students are expected to be familiar with C#, Visual Studio, and ASP.NET. The focus is on building an ASP.NET MVC application with React using JSX and TypeScript. MVC and TypeScript experience are not required. Knowledge of ASP.NET WebAPI is helpful, but also not required.

This hands-on course covers architecting and developing a robust ASP.NET Core React application that implements CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations from beginning to end. Application features include: React routing and navigation, React components, handling CRUD operations using SQL database data, accessing data using WebAPI and JSON, validating input data using React and WebAPI, dynamic AJAX sorting using React, and using React for paging.

This course is conducted by a live experienced instructor on-site1, however an Internet webinar style option is also available. Below is the course syllabus.


The ASP.NET React Application

A New Way of Thinking

The WebAPI Controller

React Components

React Component Interactions

Implementing CRUD Operations with React

Implementing Input Validation with React

Paging and Sorting



1 One-day session includes seven hours of on-site instruction between 8am and 5pm, typically starting at 9am. Customer must provide the training facility, for a maximum of 25 students. Students must have access to a computer with Visual Studio 2017, ASP.Net Core 2.0, and Node.js installed and have access to a Microsoft SQL Server database. No internet connection is required. Price includes travel to most of California.
2 Course content is subject to change without notice.

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