Case Studies

Next-Generation Student Information System

Academy-Connect and K12-Connect are our flag-ship next-generation Student Information Systems for K12 schools. This comprehensive, highly-scalable SiS manages all of a school's student data - grades, attendance, classes, assignments, automated and manual scheduling, student/parent portal, document management, reporting, fee/tuition management, integrated online payments, and much more.

Academy-Connect and K12-Connect are designed to be highly scalable and can support a single-school, an entire school district, and even a county with multiple school districts. The backend is engineered using Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC with SQL Server database(s) providing data access. The frontend features robust views that incorporate AJAX and JQuery for a superior user experience, and Responsive Design provides support for virtually all devices - PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Also features integrated payment processing using the school's choice of several payment card processors.

As well as a robust feature set, K12-Connect includes integrated State reporting for California schools, which allows for flat-file inport and export with the State's education reporting system. Additionally, an integrated Query utility for administrators allows for ad-hoc queries into the system including support for executing Stored Procedures, and exporting to either flat-file or Excel formats.

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eCommerce website

We developed a complete eCommerce website for Fresno Free Classifieds, LLC. Key features of the site included: SSL encryption for secure logins and transaction processing, secure credit card transaction processing using a 3rd party credit card transaction clearing house, user registration with captcha and email confirmation, automatic email notifications, Flash animation, messaging, shopping cart, promotions, batch data import and export to: Excel, Text,XML, Management Reporting, ad hoc database query utility, image manipulation, video streaming. We also conducted training and support for staff.

affordable housing

Affordable Housing was a web application, used by a California County department to manage it's affordable housing projects. This was an ASP.NET web application that managed all aspects of the project process from the initial applicant's application to all of the construction phases to loan servicing. Although it was begun by another developer, we added a number of significant enhancements and saw this project go to production.

contract tracking application

We developed a Contract Tracking application for a local government agency. Key features of the site included: advanced document search; customizable, automatic email notification for contract expiration; personalized user-settings; ability to attach/view documents including images, Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel) and more; Batch processing; dynamic database querying and reporting for management;

labor application

We converted a legacy Labor application for a local government agency from older (and slower) ASP to ASP.NET. The new application boosted performance by four times, and included new features like: user defaults, and ISR search.

inventory and asset management system

We converted an existing inventory management system that used a legacy database to Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET. The new system included: a web application that was the primary interface for users; several PDA applications; and a client application for syncronizing the PDA apps.

IAMS website

The IAMS website was the primary interface for users, which included internal and external users, and management. In featured: the ability to search, the ability to add/edit/delete inventory data, dynamic database querying, batch upload/download to/from other formats.

asset entry

Asset Entry, a legacy Palm PDA based inventory tracking application, was one component of that system. The customer had a need to upgrade the older PDAs which could no longer handle the amount of data being inventoried. We converted this application, as well as two other applications, to WiFi enabled Microsoft Pocket PC based PDAs. The resulting application featured disconnected (remote) access of inventory data, which was needed in order to perform annual inventory of all equipment. It included support for the built-in bar-code reader, data upload into the existing inventory system, and query capability for staff.


Inventory was the PC based client application used to syncronize the PDA applications described above (Asset Entry, and two others). This application was also converted from a legacy Solomon based application that was used with the older Palm PDAs.

inspection network

We developed a Health Inspection web site for a California County to make their 1,000s of inspection reports in the areas of Food, Water, Hazmat, Housing, Waste, and Pools accessible to the public over the internet ( ). The application interfaced with an existing Content Management system that contained a repository of imaged reports.

laserfiche imaging

This was a third party imaging application that was customized for two California County departments. We facilitated the installation (servers and client software), training, and support of the application.


We created Billing and Budgeting applications for a California County department. The Billing application was a web application used to bill other County de- partments for it's services. As well as providing a repository for detailed charges for each department by cost center, it also facilitated chargeback processing to their Peoplesoft system by generating summary reports for this. An interface to Peoplesoft was also created for automatically posting the chargebacks, but users elected not to implement it. The application also featured an ad-hoc database query utility, batch processing, data import/export functionality to/from different formats, and audit logging. The Budget application took the form of an Microsoft Access application that aggregated data from various other sources, which was used to produce budgets for various other departments (it's "customers") /.

sheriff's records imaging system

The Sheriff's Records Imaging System was a mission-critical 24/7 application used by a California county Sheriff's department to manage it's paper documents electronically. Although we inherited the application, we performed a significant amount of work on the four applications (DocViewer, Indexer, JailScan, Scan Util) that made up the system. The system used an attached optical disc jukebox, which contained some 200 discs, for storage of the images. Additionally the application used by operators to index documents incorporated screen-scraping from main their frame apps for expedite the process. A number of different scanners were used: one department opted for two higher speed scanners and dedicated two operators to the process; another elected to used individual scanners for each of its workstations.

automated field reporting

Automated Field Reporting was another application developed for a California County Sheriff's department, which we inherited and made significant enhancements to as well as maintaining it. The application was designed to automate report writing process by Sheriff's deputies. Key features of the application were: ability to function disconnected and over wireless modems with limited bandwidth, search capabilities, ability to email reports. Another component that made up the application suite was Report Viewer, which interfaced with their main frame system for indexing AFR Reports and making them available through there Sheriff's Records Imaging System (mentioned above).

dance website

We developed a  website, which featured streaming video, for a local dance instructor with 30 years experience. 

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