React© Training for ASP.NET Developers

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React-training128.png React Training for ASP.NET Developers, On Site - 1 Day $1,200.00 +Cart
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The React Revolution

React is the high-performance component revolution that's taken web application development by storm. React provides many benefits including: simplified component design, simplified application architecture, component reusability, component encapsulation, leverageable for mobile applications, utilization of ES6, simplied application maintenance, simplified application styling, and more.

Discover why tens of thousands of developers have already jumped on the React bandwagon and why you should too. See figure 1 below for a comparison of React downloads to other competitors.

React Downloads vs Competitors
figure 1.

Unfortunately, React development requires that developers think differently in their approach to application development. For this reason React training is essential for seasoned dot NET developers. And our live on-site instruction is the best method of training your developers.

100% React / ASP.NET Core

  • 100% React frontend
  • 100% ASP.Net Core backend
  • No JQuery needed
  • TypeScript type safety

High Performance Design

  • Build high-performance React Components
  • 100% AJAX interaction
  • 100% JSON
  • Leverage your backend

Full CRUD Support

  • Full CRUD support
    • Create
    • Read
    • Update
    • Delete
  • Form Validation

Fully Interactive SPA

  • Fully Interactive Single Page Application
  • Dynamic Sorting
  • Paging

Live On-site Instruction

  • Live experienced instructor
  • On-site for your convenience
  • Train all of your developers at once

Tech Support Included1

  • Downloadable course content
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to Knownledge Base
  • How-Tos / FAQs

React is a copyright of Facebook, Inc.
1 Free technical support is limited to 30 days after instruction.

Free Technical Support

  • Free Email support
  • Free Phone support

Free support is limited to the first 90 days from product purchase date. Typical response time is one business day for Email support. Phone support is "as available" and may involve a call back.

** Excludes software labeled as 'Just the Software'
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