BSS Identity Server 4

Description Amount / Disc.
bss-ids-logo2-128.png BSS IdentityServer4 Starter plan - 100 users - 1 Year $109.00 +Cart
BSS IdentityServer4 Profesional plan - 500 users - 1 Year $218.00 +Cart
BSS IdentityServer4 Enterprise plan - 5000 users - 1 Year $409.00 +Cart
BSS Identity Server4 Self Hosted - unlimited users / 1 installation $549.00 +Cart
Free support included (details) System Reqs.

The Identity and Access Control Solution that's Ready to Go

BSS Identity Server 4 is the Identity and Access Control solution that's Ready to Go, which means you can get started RIGHT AWAY, and skip the weeks of brutal configuration that others put you through just to get started.

BSS Identity Server 4 is a robust, standards compliant OpenIdConnect / OAuth2 identity service for businesses of all sizes - whether you're a small business with 100 employees and a handful of apps or an enterprise with thousands of employees and hundreds of distributed applications, implementing single-sign-on (SSO), OIDC authentication, and role-based authorization couldn't be easier.

These are some of the features...

Intuitive Wizard-Based Interface

Intuitive wizard-based interface allows you to easily configure new clients, whether they're Single Page Applications, Javascript clients, Server aplications like ASP.NET and MVC, or Services and console apps.

ASP.NET Identity Integration

Integration with ASP.NET Identity framework allows you to leverage your local accounts or use external accounts from services such as Google, Facebook and Twitter using the built in Federation Gateway. And it retains other Identity features like multi-factor authentication.

Create a React App with OIDC Authentication
Adding OIDC Authentication & Authorization to an Existing App
Add OIDC Authentication / Authorization to a React TS App
Advanced OIDC Authorization for a React TS App

Still not Convinced?

BSS Identity Server 4 includes even more OpenId Connect / OAuth2 standards compliant features like these...

OpenId Connect / OAuth2

  • OpenId Connect compliant
  • OAuth 2.0 compliant
  • Authentication As a Service
  • Single Sign On / Sign Out (SSO)
  • API Security
  • Client Access Control
  • Identity Management
  • Standards-Based Open-Source Framework
  • Supports modern Authentication Flows
  • Claims-based Authorization
  • Role-based Authorization
  • Federation Gateway
  • User Consent

ASP.NET Indentity Integration

  • Fully Integrated with ASP.NET Identity
    • Local Accounts
    • External Accounts
    • Registration Management
    • Password Management
    • Profile Management
    • Multi-factor Authentication
    • User Management
    • Role Management
  • Support multiple languages2

Integrated Admin UI

  • Fully integrated Admin UI
  • Intuitive easy to use GUI
  • Wizard Based Design
  • No Coding Required
  • No Configuration Required

High Performance Design

  • 100% ASP.NET Core 2
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Open-Source Framework


  • Flexible design
  • Many options
  • Granular control over API features
  • Granular control over Client features

Tech Support Included1

  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Access to Knownledge Base
  • How-Tos / FAQs

Create Your FREE Developer / Evaluation Account

  • Up to 5 clients (applications)
  • Up to 5 APIs
  • Up to 25 users
  • No Credit Card required

Create FREE Developer / Evaluation Account

Download Visual Studio 2017 OIDC Samples here.

1 Free Technical Support is limited to the first 90 days. 2 Currently supports English and Spanish.

Free Technical Support

  • Free Email support
  • Free Phone support

Free support is limited to the first 90 days from product purchase date. Typical response time is one business day for Email support. Phone support is "as available" and may involve a call back.

** Excludes software labeled as 'Just the Software'
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